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Stroud, Gloucestershire. 'The British Experts' Trial' - open only to winners of an 'Open' in 1932 - Motor Cycling's highest honour - won by J. Williams (Rudge) Solo - & J H Flook (Norton) Sidecar. 46 started - 34 finished!

A man rides a motorcycle along a wet and muddy track. A motorbike and sidecar come round a bend in a muddy track. More similar shots of people riding motorbikes over rough terrain. The motorcycle and sidecars look particularly strange being driven over the rocky and muddy ground. A small number of people are out to watch the competition. Many of the riders have such difficulty on the terrain that they have to use their feet to assist them.

British Pathe Experts Trial

World's fastest road race

Graham Walker on a Rudge Whitworth wins 250 mile Ulster Grand Prix from 72 "Speed Kings" - averaging 80.078 miles per hour - for 2 hours, 33 minutes! Ireland.

L/S of people in the stands, the camera pans across them to competitors getting ready for the race. M/S as they all ride away on their motorcycles. Various shots as they round corners and race down the roads. M/S as Graham Walker crosses the finish line, everyone claps, the others follow. M/S as Walker walks down the road with two other men. M/S as Walker shakes hands with a man. C/U of him with a cigarette in his mouth.
The Ulster Grand Prix. Graham Walker, on a Rudge, wins spectacular race at 80.63 miles per hour - fastest speed every recorded in motorcycle road racing. Belfast, Ireland.

L/S of the racers all lined up at the start, they push their motorcycles and jump on them. Various shots as they race around corners. Graham Walker speeds over the finish line. C/U of him surrounded by people after the race.

British Pathe worlds fastest race

Leinster 100

Walker (Rudge) wins a magnificent race from a field of sixty competitors. Exclusive Pathe Pictures. Leinster, Eire (Republic of Ireland, Southern Ireland).

Various shots of men starting off in a motorcycle race and racing around the track. One man comes off his bike and gingerly picks it up to remount. A fairly large crowd watches the motorbikes zoom around. M/S of a man sitting on his motorbike after the race, smoking a cigarette as the crowd around him cheers and waves - presumably this is Walker, the winner. M/S of two other men on their bikes after the race.

British Pathe Leinster 100

Leinster 200

International Motor Cycle Race won by C. W. Manders on a 248 C.C. Rudge." Dublin , Eire, Southern Ireland, Republic of Ireland.

Motor cyclists give their bikes a running start as they leave the starting line of the race. Crowds are gathered on either side of the road to watch.
Closer shots of the racers starting they are given a push by team mates. Good shots of the motorbikes speeding around the streets of a town (I'm not sure this is Dublin as the paperwork implies). There is a large banner advertising Texaco oil. One of the riders fiddles with his bike as he comes round the corner. More shots of the race in progress around small town streets.

The race moves out into the countryside and we see racers in country lanes. The races are seen coming along the final straight in town. One rider is acclaimed as the winner - presumably Mr C W Manders. C/U Winning rider surrounded by other riders and members of the crowd, they raise their hands in a cheer.

British Pathe Leinster 200

Isle of Man

Faster than ever ... & an All-British Victory! Foreign entries 'nowhere' - in Junior TT Races, won by dare-devil B.Sc. of Dublin University - 23 year old H G Tyrell Smith - on a Rudge averaging 71.08 for 3 hrs 43 mins.

Men line up at the start of the Junior T.T. motor cycle race. They have a push start. Good shots of motorcycle racers out on the Tourist Trophy course around the Isle of Man. One of the bikes crosses the finish line to win the race. Shot of two riders at the end of the race (one is presumably H G Tyrell Smith who rode a Rudge motorbike). Them tow men kiss in a joking manner. MS of other riders in the race. (Two of the riders wear helmets with Velocette written on them).

British Pathe Isle of Man


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