1928 Dirt track

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WM1x21 (f), WM1x21 (r), wired on type, interchangeable with small flange (dog drive hubs) with nickel plated rims, spokes & hubs.


Short back and front ‘D’ section, nickel plated.


Bright red enamelled of soldered construction. Fuel tank fitted between the frame tubes, tapers front to rear to fit within frame struts. Oil tank fixed to rear frame downtube. Screw fillers to both tanks.


Basically as 1928 Special but with 1927 sports cylinder head. Parallel inlet and exhaust valves with forward facing exhaust ports and flange fitting to carburetter. Rockers supported on plates bolted to the cylinder head. Total loss oiling (wet sump) with square based barrel. Forward mounted round ML magneto.


Rudge 1927/8 pattern closed ended with brake anchor attachments removed. Nickel plated.


Gearbox countershaft with clutch. _”x 0.305 chains


Sports type Amac 10MDY with quick action twist grip.

Exhaust system

Two short nickel plated open pipes finishing level with the bottom of the frame downtube.


Fully strutted with struts from the steering head (special lug) to the rear wheel, from the rear wheel to the front of the crankcase and from the crankcase to the steering head. Lower strut cross braced through the rear frame hollow bolt. Special kneehook lug. Frame numbered in Rudge sequence. Steering head fork stop machined off.

Standard Fittings

1” non adjustable nickel plated handlebars with André type steering damper. Riveted angle and strip steel type centre stand and magneto cut out on handlebars.

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