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The Rudge Club

SINCE 1956

The Club

The Rudge Enthusiasts Club has a diverse range of activities that allow Members to get together and enjoy these wonderful motorcycles. With a global membership there are meetings all over the world, and with an active online community there is plenty of discussion resulting in new events being planned all the time.

Riding your Rudge

The Club is dedicated to helping you keep your bike on the road and you will find plenty of events and casual meetings for you to take part in. The Members Forum is very active and provides a great way for you to share ideas for meetings with fellow Members. 

The Rudge Club is primarily based in the UK and the Annual Rally is held in Worcestershire during August. It's a great event with the biggest gathering of Rudges in the World!

The Club has a network of Area Reps all over the UK and all over the World. We have Members all over Europe, the USA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand - to name just a few. Area Reps organise monthly meetings throughout the year allowing you to meet up and ride with your fellow Rudge Enthusiasts where ever you live!

Competion and racing

There is a very active Competition section in the Club which attends races Rudges in many countries. These bikes handle beautifully and win many of the races they are involved in, so if you fancy a less sedate vintage motorcycle, a Rudge is for you!

New Rudge Spares

Members can purchase high quality new spares manufactured using latest materials. Join the Club and you can start shopping now...

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Used Spares

The Club buys and sells used spares. If you have Rudge Motorcycle spares to sell our Used Spares officer would like to hear from you.

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Free Junior Membership

Get the family involved! Kids membership is now FREE! All children under 17 can join at no charge...

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