Rudge Club History

During the years that the Rudge motorcycle was in production, various groups of enthusiasts, who appreciated the engineering skill and design, formed Clubs for Rudge owners. Motorcyclists of the 'between the wars' era may remember the 'Rudge Night Riders' who had the owl as their insignia. At the end of the Second World War, when it was clear that the Marque would not be going back into production, the Rudge Association was formed which prospered during the late 1940s. Unfortunately, the Association did not last and by 1952 Rudge owners were without a Club.

The need for a body to organise the activities of owners was great, so the present Rudge Enthusiasts Club was formed on the 5th February 1956 following an informal meeting in Eltham Park, London. A Club magazine soon followed providing members with a free advertising service and a wealth of information, both historical and technical, whilst setting a high standard, which has been maintained to the present day in the form of 'The Radial'. Back issues are in great demand, and it is a lucky member who has a complete set.

The 1960s proved a testing time the for Club when the manufacture and sale of spares came to an end when Godfreys Ltd closed their showroom in Great Portland Street and ceased to make spares. Fortunately, through their good offices, the Club was able to purchase the remaining stock, and the spares arm of the Club was formed. This spares service is of great benefit to the club and is being constantly reviewed and extended, and with ongoing Rudge successes in the the field of competition tuning spares are available.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s the membership steadily increased, a 'microfilm' service was introduced which was based on over 10,000 drawings from original factory blueprints. The 1990s saw further expansion with the formation of a comprehensive library service and the re-amalgamation of the separate spares Company (Rudge [1994] Ltd) in to the Rudge Enthusiasts Club Ltd.

In 2000 the club was able to supply library information and Factory drawings digitally and in 2001 The REC website was launched. It is being developed and improved and has become an essential source of information for members. It includes an active and friendly forum, downloadable reference files, factory drawings and online sales of high quality Rudge Spares to keep your bike on the road. The Club has a worldwide membership of over 800 members.