1931 Dirt Track



Front with special speedway hub with no drive dogs, rear dog drive type with large flange on drive side. 28x2 _”/2.3/8” beaded edge rims, chrome plated.


Short black enamelled back and front ‘D’ section with cinder guard in front of engine.


Red enamelled parallel sided petrol tank fitted between frame tubes, with front recesses for fork clearance. Single Westwood type filler. Oil tank, red enamelled, larger than 1930 with single Westwood type filler and fitted with hand operated auxiliary oil pump feeding the rear of the engine.


Total loss version of the 1931 TT Replica engine - 4 valve 499cc with cast iron TT type open parallel valve cylinder head.18mm central plug and oval inlet port. Rockers mounted on plates bolted to the cylinder head. Forward mounted round ML racing magneto running at half engine speed. RR50 crankcases, drive side crankcase with 8 webs. Round base to cylinder barrel with rear oil feed and 4 not 3 lower fin set using a 7.5" conrod. Special total loss timing cover fitted with 1928 type vertical metering ’pump’.


Webb speedway pattern.


Gearbox based countershaft.


Flange fitting Amal TT or track type 27 with twin float chambers and fast action twist grip.


Two 1 _” pipes with the offside carried low beneath the timing cover and the nearside swept up to run above the top of the chains. Overall length similar to racing models.


Special speedway with curved front and rear downtubes. Un-strutted. Special kneehook lug. Frame numbered in Rudge sequence. Steering head fork stop machined off.


Adjustable 1” handlebars, part chrome/celluloid with Rudge steering damper. Riveted angle and strip steel type centre stand.


Wired on type rims. Rudge Whitworth speedway countershaft. Magneto cut out (no extra charge).

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